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Working Papers

`Continuously Updated Indirect Inference in Heteroskedastic Spatial Models‘ (with Peter C. B. Phillips and F. Rossi). COWLES FOUNDATION DISCUSSION PAPER NO. 2208. (Supplement (updated: March 2021); Code & Data: Available on request).

`Estimation of a dynamic threshold panel time series regression with cross-sectional dependence’ (with Zudi Lu and Lulu Wang).

`Spatial Heterogenous Autoregression with Varying-Coefficient Covariate Effects’ (with Z. Lu,  P. C. B. Phillips and X. Ren).

‘Machine Learning Algorithms for House Price Determination’.

`Jackknife bias reduction in the presence of a unit root’ (with M. J. Chambers)– (Discussion Paper No. 685, Department of Economics, University of Essex).

`Jackknife Bias reduction in Autoregressive models with a unit Root’} (with M. J. Chambers) (Centre for Econometric Analysis (CEA@Cass) Working Paper Series, Cass Business School, WP-CEA-02-2012).

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